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Headlines are the same now every passing day
Twenty seven dead and more on the way
Indecisive retribution is not enough
My tolerance is weening for this spirtual stuff
Only from the outside can you judge those within
Try to look beyond and past the obvious sin
The looming dark apocalypse is drawing near
I think we all should do our best to tremble in fear

Blessed are the righteous or so they seem
Bet on the wrong horse the opposite team
Killing with the alibi of holy war
Robbing us of innocence and so much more
How much longer can these senseless murders occur
What feelings in us do they now expect it to stir
Casualties are not just a measurement of death in time

I try to ignore it and shut it all out
Then I feel ignorant it fills me with doubt
The only way for a man to survice in this place
Is the shut himself off and forfeit the race

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