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Lingering Doubts

Promise me salvation I will give you my all
Keys to the kingdom let you make that call
Lacking significance I always feel
Nothing is worth doing and I am not real
Guard me from the enemies I see all around
Join in the battle and we will take them all down
Outnumbered by a ratio of twenty to one
Defeat not an option so hand me the gun

I want to believe with all of my heart
Give one's self over is the hardest part
Misinformation I can't sort it out
Adds to the weight of these lingering doubts
I once was chosen but lost my way
Perhaps I will be worthy again one day
Arguments compelling and gaining clout
Adds to the weight of these lingering doubts

Please clue me in as to the master plan
Believe me I am trustworthy I am only one man
I will guard this deadly secret will of my might
And kill every heretic I see within sight

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