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Tightening The Noose

Restless and anxious it's growing quite thin
That is the way it has always just been
Dare I suggest that they change their own tune
Somehow I doubt that will happen too soon
Only the faults I will see and notice
Rattle them off like a grocery list
Must focus on the goods things for a while
Not revert back to my destructive style

Nothing is sacred yet I still hold
Can't let go and admit they are long gone
Memories linger and pull us away
From moving forward and being ok
Most of us live in the past all the time
Some in the future and I guess that's fine
Lay down your burdens and cut them all lose
If not then get back to tightening the noose

Plague by the memories of a different man
He led my life but had no solid plan
Fixing mistakes he made every day
Try to ignore him he won't go away

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